HP 12C Platinum - a mystery


Hello, my friends.

Yesterday, I read some pages in the HP 12 C Platinum owner's hanbook, i found a mystery:

- in page 61, HP wrote : "Calculating NPV for Grouped Cash Flows. A maximum of 30 cash flow amounts (in addition to the initial investment CF0) can be stored in the HP 12C

- and also in page 61, at footnote paragraph for note 15, HP wrote:"15.If you have stored a program in the calculator, the number of registers available for storing
cash flow amounts may be less than 31"

So, HP said that HP 12 C Platinum has "Capability to handle up to 30 cash flows" (20 cashflows in HP 12C), in fact HP 12 C Plat has to share memories (when store 30 cashflow) with memories of programming (if they are idle).

Besides, HP said that 12C Platinum has more than 130 built-in functions (120+ in classical 12C, I think that 10 new build in functions reserved for algebraic entry keystrote.

In short, what's news in HP 12C Platinum:

- algebraic entry;
- Keystroke programming performs up to 400 steps (you need ?);
- Sofware source was be rewritten (more reliable than classical 12 C ?).

That all.

Any comment else.


LCTV wrote:

In short, what's news in HP 12C Platinum:

- algebraic entry; - Keystroke programming performs up to 400 steps (you need ?); - Sofware source was be rewritten (more reliable than
classical 12 C ?).

That all.


Hey wait a minute here !!!! You forgot what else they did !! They came up with a color scheme featuring ugly aluminum front panel they call
"platinum", virtually unreadable light yellow lettering on the aluminum, and they changed the color of the plastic to a dark blue.

So don't forget that they put a lot of engineering department resources into that color scheme.

Of course, a monkey throwing darts at a color wheel would've done better ..... we can laugh at the HP execs on this one.... it's THEIR
BUSINESS CALCULATOR, THEY have to use it ! har har har . Youd think it was for the engineers when they screw up the colors like


Hi Norm,
And we have to pay more 10 USD to get Platinum instead Classical. :-(((


Page 62:

(3) If the initial investment consists of more than one cash flow... key in the number of those cash flows, then press [g][Nj].

DOES NOT WORK! It works on the original HP-12C though.


Oh dear !!!!, really ?


I've poked around with my financial calculators just to learn how they work, and I find that that some, like the 12C, let you treat the first cash flow as a member of a cash flow group (n[0]>=1) and some, like the 10B, call it an "initial investment" (n[0]=1). I think in either case, the actual first cash flow (either the first cash flow of the first group or the initial investment) is treated differently - it inherently happens at the beginning of the first period.

But this sounds like another exception to the proposition that the 12C Platinum contains most of the 12C ROM and a Nut emulator. It sounds like they picked something out of the 10B manual.

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