9g lamers


aside from other critisms, which i won't repeat. why oh why doesnt the 9g have solve and numerical integration? it's not really that hard is it. and it would be a sales feature.

even if they can't be bothered, how about having a few rom-based programs that can be called up. like on the hp20s. i know this sucks a bit, but it's better than nothing.


Perhaps because they are leaving that feature for a more advanced scientific calc.

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The 9g is not an HP. It might *say* HP on the calculator, but it's not. It's not worth any thought about. 9g,9s,30s,6s, they are all not HP. Don't waste any emotional energy on them.

Buy a used real calulator---like a 34C with Red LED's ....


Yah, Yah, right on ! "Get a used real calculator like a 34C with Red LED's" . Lets hire a rock & roll band and cut a hit single "My 34C with Red Leds". It'll be a hit song coast to coast.

Hugh, I dont mean to downplay your work, because you've clearly gone carefully through the unit, tried it out, learned it, which is more than I did.

But isn't a thoughtful analysis of a 9G kind of like a "Road & Track Magazine" studiously analyzing the handling qualities and acceleration times of a Geo Metro ??


As a person with a former interest in cars, it was depressing to always see tests of race ready, high performance, high dollar vehicles that I would never have a reason to own, when all I wanted was reliable transportation.

It's kind of like saying "We tested the latest model XYZ and, compared to all of the others which are just like it, they were great !" So what ?

Testing a Geo Metro might provide a stark comparison of the state of the art and would add value. It might also make you feel better about your Geo and the extra cash in your pocket.

What's wrong with taking a good hard look at any unit with the HP badge on it ? It might be educational and without it, anyone's HP collection is missing a unit.

Besides when they come out with the new super-dee-duper hp41/42/48/49/YGX later this year, those models will be highly valued on E-bay as the "Tweener calcs" from the desperate years.

...ok, I just made that last part up.


Not just any old R&R Band----LED BRICKELIN---or maybe Smashing CMOSkins !;-)


Hey Lady, ya got the calcs I need;

Maybe, more than enough.

Oh, darlin', darlin' Carly

Do some R & D

Ooooh, you've got so much

So much... so much.

Many are displays,

and many times I've bitten

Many cheesy ways,

but none can shine as bright

Many many men,

who make their living with 'em

Pocket full of dreams,

but faltering in sight

Many buttons pushed

But some are way too mellow

I live for the days

When keys don't feel like gum

Many chances passed

You fancied algebraic

But I could show you how

To make a tidy sum.

< long Norm Page solo here >

Many L. E. D.'s

With only numbers in 'em

Many batteries

To make those suckers glow

Much intensity

To never leave ya guessing

Guessing 'bout the thing

You really oughta know,

oooh, oooh,

You really oughta know,

Ya really oughta know...

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Not bad---for a lefty ;-)

(seriously---we can't stop chuckling over here--you could be a copywriter for sure)

best regards,



(roll,roll,roll, THUNK ) (sound of quarter being put into jukebox)

Selection "34-C"

Record comes up,
"THUD" needle hits record....

(a few scratches & pops)


When I think of all the crap I learned in high school....

its a wonder I can think at all,

it werent for my trusty red LED calculator,

math class wouldn't have done me no good at all.

RED LED'''''s, give me them bright red digits

give me them 7 bright segments,

make me think every calculation is a sunny day,

oh yeah,

I got an HP 34C

I love to do caaalculations

but Carly gonna take my 34C away.


Carly don't take my 34C

Carly don't take my 34C

Carly don't take my 34C away

Carly she took my 34C

Carly she took my 34C

Carly she took my 34C away .....


you're quite right about this. and also, i dont regard the 9g nor 9s & 30s as HP machines, badge notwithstanding.

the critic i have against these new line machines is simply how bad some of the things have been done. hp originals were masters of detail. looking closer at features exposed geniune engineering.

lets say a new calculator company sprung up (with an old badge). i can see that we're not going to get such attention to detail. but some of the gaps here are real novice mistakes.

anyway.. im still searching for a 34C :-)

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