"Constructing" a Pioneer's battery cover


Hi, guys;

Brief reference: I used to build plastic models and I also used to dare changing and building extra pieces.

About a couple of months ago I lost my HP17BII battery cover and I was trying to find a way to rebuild another. After a few "eye research" I found the folding protection that exists in VHS cassettes as a suitable "raw" material source. I cut it, molded, glued small pieces and I got this:

These images show the final piece with an original "door" I used as model. It's not identcal, but works fine.

The battery "door" in place. In the last image we can see a... "touching" message for free!

O.K., there is no way to send an infrared command unless I oppen a hole on it. If I have any of the pioneers without the IR,'I'd use it without any problem. But I have an HP17BII and an HP42S. When I need to send data, I remove the cover...

Hope this is , at least, inspiring.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil



That is VERY good work! Now I realize that I better be patient with my 41---I am getting true professional advice from a master of plastic fantastic:-)

But why did you blank out the serial number and place of manufacture---to protect the innocent?

Best Regards,



Hi, Bill;

But why did you blank out the serial number and place of manufacture---to protect the innocent?

I think I'm afraid of that Urban Legend crap... I don't want to see two attorneys knocking at the door and claiming to have the calculator's original (fake) proof of purchase.

Back to the world of living: this subject has already been discussed here. My "original" HP42S no longer works and I was able to build a frankencalc with donated parts from three calculators ant my own stuck 42S, thanks to Renato. Now I have it but I do not remember which back case I used. I thought it would be prudent not to reveal patient's identity, if you understand me...

Thank you for the "master of plastic", but I must confess one thing: I seldom use measuring instruments because I never had precise "length" meters. I use my eyes and similarity. This Pioneer's battery "door" was practically sculptured this way, by "facing" it's original counterpart and testing if it fitted in place. That's why it has some irregularities, it's hand craft. I like building missing parts mostly to exercise my hands and eyes.

Have you seen the other posts about the HP41 screw posts?

Best regards and gook luck with your repairment.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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