slooow 49g


I have a 49g with 'chotkeh' engineering software pre loaded
but it's painfully slow, even for simple stuff. Any ideas? Is there some flag that doesn't need to be checked?


Is there any way to load the ROM without the additional software? I'm not familiar with that software, so I don't know if it's a ROM modification, or added programs (i.e. could you play with the system, but still be able to get the software back?)

I suppose it could be something with a number tolerance somewhere, or it could be that the software (if add-on) is in a wrong port, taking up system resources, and needs to be moved. Surprised someone else hasn't jumped on this one. Course, it might not be enough info to diagnose. What OS is installed (what version, I mean)?


It just might be that the software package in question was optimized for earlier models of RPL calculator. In my own testing, one of my programs that was highly optimized for the HP28S/48SX took 24 seconds on my 49G versus 9 seconds on my 48G. I made a version of the program optimized for the 49G and got the run time down to 11.6 seconds---still slower than my 48G but not bad.

Incidentally, the program optimized for the 49G takes 11.4 seconds to run on my 48G. So it is evidently possible to have a program that performs equally well on both the 48G and the 49G. (BTW, with my 48SX, the 49G optimized program takes 18.7 seconds while the program optimized for the 28S/48SX takes 14.8 seconds.)

My experience with HP RPL models is that the 48G is the fastest of them all (I've personally owned or tested the 28C, 28S, 48SX, 48G and 49G).


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