48SX serial port and HP-IL


This may be a dumb question but I'm curious to find out the answer. The serial port on my 48SX has four pins and so does the HP-IL port on my 71B (two in and two out). Is there anything in common with these ports? Could a 48 some how print to a 2225B printer? Any ideas would be appreciated.


Nope. These interfaces have nothing in common, other than being 2 wire interfaces (2 wire in - 2 wire out). There are different voltages, signal lenghts and a different logical behaviour of the devices.

AFAIK the german company W&W planned a HP-IL interface years ago. W&W seems to be long gone and I doubt they ever brought the IL module out (I may be completely wrong at this point).

I planned building such a thing (a generic IL chip) years ago, but it's surely not the first in a large line of planned projects.


Things in common:

1) Number of pins

2) Both are bidirectional (can read and write)

3) Both are serial in nature


1) speed (RS232 goes at differnt speeds, HP-IL has a single (high) speed. (When I say high, I mean high in comparason to RS232 serial).

2) protocol

3) RS232 is unbalanced, HP-IL is balanced

4) HP-IL is ring based, RS232 is point to point

5) HP-IL devices are addressed, RS232 are not

and so much more....

HP-IL and RS232 are about as different as you can get for a system of sending information in a bitwise serial manner.

HP-IL has more in common with HP-IB than it does with RS232.

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