Lietz Part ID Needed


I got this Lietz tray, with a recent acquisition, but have no clue what it is. It seem interesting. It holds an HP-71 and has an HP-IL interface.

The tray has an integral compartment that has a circuit board with an HP-IL interface, as well as a cable with a circular connector with 6 pins.

There is a 40 pin chip inside that is marked HD63A01V1P. I did an internet search for this but nothing useful came up.

Is there anyone here that can ID this tray?

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lietz (sokia) is a surveying equipment company - transits, total stations, levels, and lots of etc. your tray is probably external memory and ic's to translate the gun language to i.l. is there a hook-like apendage somewhere to help hang it on the tripod? if that 6 pin thinger is a bit smaller than the diameter of a pencil and plain aluminum with a little dip so it can only be pluged in one way it is a standard lietz data collector plug.

you might ask an old timer at servco, or terry nutt at allen precision instruments. i believe they both carried lietz.


I don't know about the device, but the HD63A01V1P is a Hitachi one-chip micro with a little ROM (1K? 2K?) and a little RAM, and some I/O. It's in the 6800 family. Presumably the chip has a program on it to translate data and/or commands between the 71 and whatever your 6-pin connector is hooked up to.

Sorry if the above seems too obvious. Probably not too useful, but there you go.

- Michael


There is also a 27C64 EPROM and a 28 pin device (likely RAM) that has no specific markings. So, it looks like just some electronics to move data from the Lietz interface to the 71B.



It is an HP-IL interface to the Leica/Leitz GPS equipment. The electronics actually are an RS-232 converter to/from the Leica equipment. Are you sure it is for the HP71? Mine looks the same and is for a '41.


Well HP-IL is HP-IL but mine came with an HP-71B attached. I don't even see how a 41 could be attached to the one I have. The brackets are angled to match the 71B (see photos below).

Click photos to see larger image

If it's just RS-232, that might make it still a useful device. Is there any special protocol for operation? Or does the device firmware simply send HP-IL data as RS-232 data?

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Surveying software of this vintage usually came on a rom, or eprom. If you have that you can find which instrument it was for and write Lietz in (i think) Overland Park, Kansas. They will know what language the gun talked. RS 232 is very probable. Most did but with different pins doing different things and most mfgrs. using proprietary connectors it was really a babel situation. For instance; i think it was Lietz and Topcon that used the same connectors, but needed different software to read and fire the instrument. Nothing communicated then. Nothing works now. Life was sure simpler when all you had to do was think.
- d

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