HP-15CP ?? HP-32P ?


anybody hear any rumors about maybe there would be an HP-15C platinum later on?

Anybody hear anything about a follow-on HP-32Sii maybe a platinum, later on?

U know, for steady production again .


I saw an HP-12CP at the college bookstore today.

The color scheme really is as ghastly as our chat board said it is. The yellow key legends really are invisible
against the platinum, for many lighting situations.

I mean, you really had to look twice (three times?) to see what the legend said.

And it had BLUE plastic for the sides........ why not
a dark navy blue for the lettering ? To attain a coordination ? instead of baby-diaper yellow ???????

Gotta hope they DONT release an HP-15C platinum, they would probably "improve" the letter coloring by printing them with light grey ink, atop the aluminum metal.


Talking to yourself again, CZ?


No Clive, now that you are here,

we can talk to all 3 of us.

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