Easy HP49 polar coord convversions?


I am a third year EE student who has reached the end of my rope. I want to buy the 49 but can't figure out why the hp people didn't put an easier way to jump from polar coordinates to rectangular coords. As it stands, you have to enter a menu and basically push about 5 buttons as before with the 48 all you had to do was arrow/polar and you were there. Can the 49 be reconfigured to do such a thing? If so, please let me know.


You probably should post this question on comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup.


Any function can be reassigned to other keys, issues are labeling or having to be in user mode


One thing,

Mode, Flags, and set flag 117 to Softmenus.

This gets you back to the HP 48 SX/GX way of using menus.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Beiler, Ph.D ( E.E. ) IBM Global Services

PS- you are a fool to waste your time studying EE. This country and coporations treat us terrible. IBM and Hewlett-Packard are abou the only 2 companies left that treat engineers well !

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