manual book hp12C


I have a calculator hp12C, but i don't have the manual book.
Can you give me the manual book (by e-mail)
or can you give info where the specific store in my contrie.
I live in Indonesia, Jakarta City.
Thank you


You can download a "Solutions Handbook" for the 12C from the HP website:

HP still sells the 12C and you will probably have to order the User's Manual from HP as a spare part or accessory.


You can find the user manual for the new HP-12C Platinum on the hp site... try this link.

Of course, the Platinum has certain features not found on the legacy 12C (such as poor choice of colours), but not that many. For example, the legacy machine could deal with 20 cash flows while the new one can deal with more (30?). The lion's share of the document, though, ought to apply to both.

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