Swapping 9825 Keyboards - Possible?


I have a 9825 that has the low profile keyboard. As with most of these, there is no snap in a couple of keys. I have two options.

1) To remove good snap switches from another keyboard or,

2) To swap a normal (high profile) keyboard with the low profile keyboard.

Since I prefer the normal keyboard, #2 seems like the better choice. Does anyone know if the normal keyboard is interchangeable with the low profile keyboard?

Same question for swapping from an "A" version to a "B" version or visa versa.



I have an HP9825 with the 'full' keyboard and an HP9831 with the 'chicklet' one. Apart from the labels on some of the keycaps, the keyboards are identical -- the same number of keys, wired in the same matrix, with the same connectors.
I assume the HP9825 'chicklet' keyboard has the same labels as the 9825 'full' keyboard, and that therefore they can be swapped without problems.
The keyboard is essentially a matrix of switches, and AFAIK, you won't damage anything even if the wiring is different, so it's worth giving it a try.

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