hp48sx RAM module: what type of battery?



As the subject states, I want to know what type of battery the RAM modules for the 48 series requires. Is it a CR2025?

I found my long lost 32k ram module while cleaning my garage (no wonder I couldn't find it...how on earth did it end up in my garage?...that certainly made cleaning it well worth the while!). I also found my sparcom ME applications pac which I still have the manual to!




Hp cards use 2016 3v coin cells. Don't know about the other brands.

I found a set of car keys that had been lost for two years in a box of nails in the garage. Seems it was at the exact height of my five year old, two years prior.

I let her play with car keys, but calculators, never.

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Yes, the HP Cards use Batteries CR2016 - that means diameter 20mm and a high of 1,6mm. So the CR2025 has the same diameter, but is much higher. I own a 512KB for my GX and this card use also the CR2016.



My 128Kb HP card use a CR-2016. The same battery is used for my 512Kb from Cynox.
My 1Mb Klotz card use a CR-1216, much smaller.


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This 32K ram card was actually sold by Smith Corona back in 1990-91 for their electronic type writers. They were a lot cheaper then the HP 32K cards and they work just fine (at least they do in my 48sx which has Rev A rom!...first shipment the bookstore received back in 1990).

Thanks for the answers...the CR2016 will fit.


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