Heard any rumours about upcoming financial calc?


Now that the 12cP is out, has anyone got any juicy info about what's next?

My dream would be something like a 17/19 BII with PC connectivity so one could use the computer for writing/proving Solver solutions and swapping data with the calc.

However, I spoke quickly to a guy at a calc shop here in Australia, and he said he didn't think PC connectivity was on the cards. I don't know what he was basing his info on, however.

Anyone have any bones to throw at all?

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I found this in an HP "industry analyst" newsletter from February 2003. I don't have the link anymore.

"HP has introduced two algebraic calculators designed specifically for the education market. These powerful new devices, the HP 9g and 9s, are the first products to be launched as part of the company's wider plans to enhance and develop a full range of Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and algebraic calculators for education and financial users."

I was encouraged HP seems not to have given up on RPN, though I would be more reassured if they'd included "scientific" and/or "engieering" users in the above paragraph.

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