Repairing a 9114 drive - Tutorial


I've been working on a tutorial for repairing a 9114 disk drive.

Tutorial on repairing a 9114 drive

What do you think? Is this format helpful?


OMG THanks!


Very nice! The only thing that I would add is that if the drive is like other double sided drives of the era, you should be careful not to drop the mechanism into the "disk inserted" position without a disk. Doing this could cause the heads to crash together, potentially damaging them.


The head definitely drops if you actuate the mechanism without a disk and this should not be done.

I will add that to the description.



I normally put a piece of lens tissue (available from good camera shops) between the heads of a double-head drive when dismantling it. This prevents the heads from damaging each other.



When i can locate a battery pack or power supply for mine, i'll be doing this too. Very helpful.

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