Leather Case for Voyagers


I know that HP made a (real) leather case for the
voyager series calculators. The hp-partsurfer website
lists the part number as 92169A/B/C (different colours),
but doesn't let you order it, saying that it is available
from another site, but not saying which. Is this part
still available, and if so how can I order it? I no
longer have the shitty little slip-case for my HP-16C,
and since I use it every day, could use a nice case.

Thanks for any information on price/availability.


Hi Grant
I don't know about new availability but one went for $72.11 at the weekend



Yes, as the seller that price surprised me as well, too bad I don't have any more!

But the case was rather nice, very soft cowhide (despite my title which erroneously said it was vinyl), and in great shape too. It was the cherished cover for my HP-16C, which all too soon alas must find its way to the auctioneer's block along with the rest of my HP collection.

So how difficult would it be to make something like this, sans the HP logo of course? Anyone have any leather-working skills / equipment? I'm sure there would be a market for good working (non-logo) leather cases for the old machines.



Do you mind my asking why are you giving up such wonderful devices on eBay?

Please don't tell me you need the money to gamble is Las Vegas!!!!


i didn't know they made one for the voyager too. it looks exactly like the one that fits the clamshell models.


According to http://partsurfer.hp.com/cgi-bin/spi/main, 92169A/B/C
are for the Voyagers, 92169D/E/F are for the Clamshells, and 92169G/H
are for the 82240A/B IR printers.



Yes, I have several of these cases, in various colors (brown, black, and cordovan). The cases for the Voyagers were harder to find. The one for the IR printer is really neat, and has a leather handle.

I got a bunch of these about 6 years ago from a nice old fellow in California who just gave them to me for free. (I'm not selling any, so please don't ask). He told me he was the one who originally designed them for HP.

IIRC, Educalc also sold a version for the clamshells. Not sure about the Voyagers, though.


I got leather cases for two of my Voyagers from Educalc, one black and one cordovan. That was so long ago I have no idea what I paid for them.


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