It has been more than 10 years and if I remembered it correctly, someone had loaned me an HP-45 manual, in which I saw lots of actual business formulas like the mortgage monthly payment, ect... Could someone tell me if HP-45 manual contains these formulas?
Thank you,


I don't know if it came with the original HP45 or is an optional extra. I think the book you are referring to is called - "HP45 - Applications Book". HP part number - 00045-66001. (Delete "spam" from my email address if you are going to contact me).


Hi Viet

As Howard says, there are some finance sections in the HP45 Applications Book - the contents show the following under Finance - Bonds, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Depreciation Amortization, Compound and simple interest, Loan repayments and sinking funds.

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