I have an HP-01(complete)... what is the value?


I have recieved this HP-01 watch from my father-in-law and am curious as to the worth. He worked as a contractor for HP in the '70's and picked two of the watches up. One he lost over time and the other he has given to me. I am allowed to sell it if I choose. The watch comes with a outer box and an inner container. Inside the container is a warranty registration card, a promotional brochure, a gold pen that still writes, an HP-01 instruction book and the watch. All the paper items are exceptional, not written upon or torn. The watch is gold-tone with a gold band, has the stylus and is in excellent shape with no visible wear. The batteries have been removed from the watch and the crystal is perfect. The outer box has some scuffs from sitting on a shelf for years, but other than that everything looks new. I should be able to get some digital pics if needed for valuation, please email me and I will send them at the soonest. I appreciate any and all help with my questions. Please email me at yoaders@aol.com Thanks again!

Michael Miller

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Short answer.. It depends on it's condition and accessoires...

steel: $0 (run over by a car) - $1100 (new from the seller, all included [manual, envelope, battery holder, pen, quick reference card, box, paper box], absolutely mint condition..)

steel: $1 (run over by a car) - $1500 (new from the seller, all included [manual, envelope, battery holder, pen, quick reference card, box, paper box], absolutely mint condition..)


I think that Matthias's values are reasonable may be a bit on the low side. I have never seen one sell for less than $300 (dead, eaten by a goat, then run over by a truck) to over $2500 - gold (not plated), new-in-box condition.


Not very much, just send it to me and I'll see it gets a good home. (ha ha)


Thank you for your responses, the information is appreciated. Where would I get the best price for this item, this forum in the Want-ad section, on eBay or on a website built specifically for the selling of this watch? Your thoughts on this would be of great value to me. Again, thank you for your time.

Michael Miller

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