Need source for HP ScanJet 3C files


I have a scsi scanjet 3C model C 2520A. I got error messages that scanner wasn't installed so I deleted the deskscan II 2.9 from win 98 2ndEd system. I need to download the folders to reinstall it, and can't figure which or where they are on any site, and whether they are on the european site. I don't want to junk the scanner for it used to work, and I haven't given up yet. I don't have a CD, and originally it was installed with diskettes, so long ago, I can't find them. Have you a specific source to suggest either for a CD, and what I should ask for, or for a specific download? Do European site downloads work? I don't know where to start and the technician at HP told me I was unsupportable (too old a machine, but on Soc Sec., I can't run right out and buy another. Thanks, B. Davis.


From this question and your previous one about ISA/MCA
I think that you have got the wrong forum.

This forum is about HP calculators,
not HP computers/printers/scanners.

Although people here are happy to answer questions on just about any subject (:-), I think that if you submit your
questions to a more appropriate forum you are likely to get
better/faster answers



I think the problem is that the heading on this page says "HP Forum." Maybe it should say "HP Calculator Forum" instead?


Of course - looking up and to the left where it says "Museum of HP Calculators" might be a clue. ;-)



I'm sorry if I encouraged him by answering his first post (although apparently it didn't mean anything to him), but I couldn't pass up a chance to drop a Tandy-ism, in this case the fact that Tandy (and as far as I know nobody else other than IBM) built a MicroChannel system! One of my bigger projects was designing a diagnostic board to plug into the MicroChannel bus and exercise all the signals.

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