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I bought a 48sx on ebay and I miss part 2 of the manual. I am trying to connect the 48sx by kermit and hyperlink, but I do not get a connection yet. Can anyone help me out 1. with the manual, 2. with the connecting problem 3. emulation of the hp41c on the hp48sx Thank you for your reply,



Forget hyperlink, forget kermit. It's far more easy to use Link48 filer from Sparcom. I am using Link48 version 1.0 now for over 5 years without problems. So the answer to your questions. #1 manual part 2: sorry, I've dropped my old SX manuals about a year ago in a box with books bij de Slegte (Zwolle NL). #2 Connecting: use Link48. #3 emulating a 41 on a 48: goto http://hpcalc.org/apps/misc/ you'll find the complete works for 41CV/CX with all the modules.

Have Fun,


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