Hey Dave! HP Museum Bandwidth Theft


Not only did this person take an HP photo, he didn't even host it anywhere else. He is just using HP Museum bandwidth for his eBay auction.

There is only 15 hours left but maybe Dave wants to play some tricks in the next 15 hours.

HP-12C auction (bandwidth theft) (unless goldcoaster is from HP Museum :-)

Edited: 2 June 2003, 9:44 p.m.


It looks like more than "very minor" wear to me...

Edited: 4 June 2003, 1:22 a.m. after one or more responses were posted


Awesome - the best response of all!!



It'll be interesting to watch and see whether any bids are cancelled.



Gosh, no acrobat writer here at home. If it is still there when I get to work tomorrow I will save this page - it sure deserves to be saved.

Dave - YOU ARE AWESOME. This is even more hilarious than the paper calc of weeks ago.



Dave you are the best!!!!!!!

Outstanding humor. Everybody here at HP Museum
is just tops, when it comes to technical excellence,
accomodation of wild ideas, and good humor all around.

Dave, PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY for at least one week.
I just forwarded a bulletin to all of MY buddies
and I want that auction to stay posted just like it is
for awhile.

I e-bay-mailed the seller!! With a 'question to seller' !!
The thing is, how am I supposed to
add and subtract if the dog chewed the buttons off ?

I asked him if he had the missing chunk and whether
I could glue it back onto there ?????




- Norm


I used MSIE and made a full copy of the page, as it is now. It is preserved for posterity :-)


How many Kill-O-Bites does that calculator have anyway?

It looks like its a ONE kill-o-bite calculator.

Plus a few other bits also.


ROTFLMAO - Fantastic, absolutely fantastic


Thanks for making making my day! I almost spilled my morning coffee laughing at this one ! Fantastic !


... the "original" picture is still there.

Poor soul...


It's over. Is US$36.00 a good buy for a 12C "with only very minor show of wear"? If so then the "winning" bidder should perhaps send Dave a big Thank You, if he knows what happened.

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