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What in the world is an HP41CY?


It was an HP-41c that had undergone surgery to have a 2X speed up installed. Was switch selectable, I think. Had one once...was fairly unstable.


Hello Gene,

an HP-41CY is an upgraded HP-41CX.
These were only available from W&W Software Products.

It has the 'Turbo' switch, of course,
which nearly doubles it's CPU clock speed.

But the most important fact:
It has a 64K RAM box built-in.

And about stability:
Many years ago I helped making some Baustatik (civil engineering?) programs especially for the HP-41CY.
Some of the programs forced bank switching to
call routines from the other 32K block,
and vice versa.

The machines and programs worked very well,
and very stable.





W&W is the same German co. that produced the desirable CCD ROM (Computer Club Deutschland).

Just a small comment...

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

Edited: 3 June 2003, 9:05 a.m.


Damn! Another ROM to lust after!


Hi, James;

Haven't you been told about it? From CAT'1 to CAT'F to matrix operations, synth instructions and extended ALPHA characters included, brief report... Amazing module. Some contributors are fortunate owners...

Luzi C. Vieira - Brazil


Aye, lust mightily ye must. They are VERY hard to find and VERY expensive when you do. The last couple sold brought over $400 each... and worth every penny.


Yes, IMHO the CCD ROM is one of the most important HP-41 modules, besides X-Functions, HP-IL and HEPAX, of course;-)



Oops! :-) Then I didn't have a 41CY. I had one with a built-in 2X switch, but not that lovely beast. :-)


Matthias Wehrli has one:



I would say Klaus is thanking you all as you have most probably doubled the price of his HP41CY calculator.


However, I think we're supposed to give serious comments, aren't we?
Ok, apart from some nice jokes, of course;-)



I have a 2X speed machine. Where can I get the 41CY name plate as shown in the photo?


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