Connecting 2 HP41 thru HPIL


Is it possible to connect 2 HP41 thru HPIL ? If possible, which one will be the controller ? What type of data exchange is possible ?



this question was discussed some times ago on this forum. Try to search the forum archive.



Hi Jose,

connecting two HP41 by HP-IL is possible with two IL-RS232 interface or two HP82166A IL-Converter units. Exchange of data and programms would be possible.

Today a much better solution would be working with the full version of EMU41 which also includes HP-IL support. Also interfacing a real HP41 to EMU41 is possible - including exchange of data, programms and any type of files (ASCII, matrix, NNN´s...).

Upload data from HP-41 to EMU41 - than change the handheld and download data to the second HP-41. For this you only need the IL-Module and HP-IL/PC Interface Card - that is all. Furthermore this solution gives you much advanced features like emulator, barcode plott, exchange to PC world and web, mass storage, printer....

More about this you read in HP-museum article forum item 311 "HP41/PC gateway & emulator".

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Hi, José;

the biggest problem is that the HP41 cannot be anything but a controller in its own loop, i.e., two HP41 will conflict if connected with the same "wiring". That's why it's needed extra "logical isolation" through the proposed converters.

I have never testes an emulator becasue it needs that expensive and rare IL board for the PC.


(I'm waiting for your package)

Luiz C. Vieira

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I have never testes an emulator becasue it needs that expensive and rare IL board for the PC.

Hi Luiz,

Just be patient a few weeks and I think you will be able to test HP-41X with HP-IL support - without need for any external hardware: just your HP-49G and a PC :-)

Best regards.


Hi, Hrast;

great news!

I'm sending you an e-mail right now about other subjects.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Remember :

It is easy to get the rebuild HP-IL/PC interface card from me - and the price is absolutely fair - because you are not able to complete a pcb plus exotic electronic parts by yourself for this price. The great idea behind this project is to interface the HP41 to PC world - and some HP enthusiasts from Germany, France, Great Britain and USA helped to realise this nice project....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph


Do you have a driver for Windows or Linux? If so, I would consider buying the card.

Best regards.


Hallo HrastProgrammer,

TRANS41 and EMU41 are DOS solutions and running also under WIN-98. For WIN-XP/2000/NT exist a special sopftware tool for addressrouting...

Best wishes - Christoph Klug


DOS applications and Emu41 aren't of any interest to me.

I am thinking of adding the capability to communicate with external HP-IL devices from my Windows (or Linux, in the future) HP-IL client for HP-71X emulator. So, I need to access HP-IL card from Windows (or Linux) application. Would it be possible? Is the documentation about internals of the card (registers, etc.) available (and where)?

Regards ...


Please contact Jean-Francois Garnier....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


If you can find the book published by Osborne / McGraw-Hill with the Title "The HP-IL System: An Introductory Guide to the HP Interface Loop" you may find enough information to assist you along the way. I may have another reference somewhere in my collection. I will let you know. It won't be in the next day or two but some time late next week.


Hrast, I have this book. Let me know if you need it.


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