OK, the HP12cP, what _is_ it?


I've been keeping an eye on the forum lately and have seen much discussion about the 12cP but I'm still a bit confused..

...is it a new piece of hardware that emulates a 12c or is it actually a redesigned 12c with new internals? If it's the former, then I'm hopeful for a 15cP. :-)





One of the contributors in here, Gene, had a Beta version and took some pictures showing the HP12cP inside. There is a small resine bubble where probably rests the CPU (I called it a peanut...) and it does not resemble any of previous Voyager, Chinese HP12C included.

So, Platinum is nothing like any other exisiting Voyager when internals are the issue.

As I find Gene's post I'm posting again (if someone else does it, better).

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil



this is the link to Gene's post where he offered us an HP12cP internal view (third picture).

If you have already seen any Voyager's internals before, you'll "see what I mean"...

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


HP-12cP would refer to as an HP-12C that is 'platinum'. This is supposedly the greatest newest thing HP ever thought of (kind of like that burning brilliance of re-releasing 'charlies angels' instead of making a more interesting movie), worthy of the cheering of millions, ticker tape parade, coverage by all major TV networks, etc.

So anyway, bad news Jason, I think it will be a cold day
in Hell before you get an hp-15C manufactured
by HP again. (and on a cold day in Hell, then
all the MBA's will be shivering ??)

Nice thought about HP-15C, I would like that also of course.
Best of all would be for them to release an HP-34CG (golden HP-34C). With red LED's. Nice bright glowing RREEDD LED's. Such a calculator is like a glass of finest red-wine.

If you dont see any of these models, go to Wal Mart
and buy an HP-9G . You can find it in the 'toys' section of the store, children ages 12 and under.


Still holding out for the LED's eh?

I really like the idea of a 15C Plat, gold, titanium, or whatever. It would not be so hard, as it shares mechanicals with the 12CP. Tooling is paid for. I would bet that it would run like gangbusters until all us RPN diehards had one.

However, I think that we're looking at a new graphing model.
49GII, in stylish color? No LED's, sorry Norm.


I'd settle for a 15C also. However why dont they keep selling HP-32S or 32Sii.

This thing about "platinum" being better than "gold". I never agree'd with that. Gold is an attractive and lustrous color. Platinum, thats just a silver color, yawn, like cheap aluminum.

The fact that Platinum is triple the price of Gold isn't the issue. The issue is that Gold looks coolest of all.

If they want high-priced metals, why dont they make an HP-12C "Iridium". Pretty sure that Iridium metal is more expensive than Platinum and way more expensive than Gold.


How about the best of both worlds? How about a 15C Uranium? You wont need LEDs or LCDs.

Well, you wont need them eventually, that is.


I thought they would glow in the dark!




HP-12C Uranium. How about Plutonium, even
more toxic. All the MBA's can have HP-12C Plutonium.

Soon the boardroom will be a much quieter place.

Historically, there was an incident of somebody poisoning somebody by putting radioactive material into their office chair. Dont recall the details.


Gold is nice, and maybe it's sour grapes, but I think copper is the most beautiful metal.


Gold is nice, and maybe it's sour grapes, but I think copper is the most beautiful metal.

WOW! And I thought I was the only one...

I can speak definitively on this subject, and declare once-and-for-all, unquestionably, authoritatively, that copper is the most beautiful metal!



[a.k.a. W. B. Maguire II]

[a.k.a. maguire@AnalyticInvestments.com]

[EX- maguire@ti.com --- sell your TI stock! ;-) ]

p.s. Hello everyone! I just haven't had the time to read the MoHPC in the last six months, but I saw an ad for the 12Cplatinum in the Wall Street Journal this morning, and I had to see what my ol' buddies on the Museum Forum had to say about it! Thanks for all the great news and discussions, guys! (And thanks, Gene, for the high-res. picture for which I was looking all over this morning!)

p.p.s. The depressingly PATHETIC revelation that the "new" 12Cp takes twice as long to solve for %i, and doesn't even use initial-guesses (!?!what the #$%&*?!?), has this EE red-faced with anger! No matter how hard I try, I still seem to care when HP slaps me---an ex-loyal-HP-fan---in the face. I'm sure that Carly couldn't care less how the thing actually functions, but rather just what the focus groups said about the color! Make sure that it has good "blister-pack appeal", boys!

p.p.p.s. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to read and contribute to the Forum again. I miss it.

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