HP 49G Keyboard and future HP 49g's


I came across a HP 39G with parital serial number CN022xxxxx which seems to have less stiff keys than the HP 49G with partial serial number CN148xxxxx. Does anyone know if the later batches of HP 49G's manufactured had less stiff keyboards?

I have read some rumours that HP is in the process of re-introducing a version of the HP 49g. I thought that HP let go the developers who designed this and other HP calculators from their Australian operations a while ago. While redeveloping the simpler calculators on different hardware may not require a significant development effort, a redevelopment of a HP 49g on different hardware would be a significant development effort especially if the developers had no previous experience developing the HP 49g. I question the feasibility of redeveloping this model for a market price that is comparable to the HP 49g, especially if the development costs for the calculator are incurred by the company that HP contracts with to design and manufacture this model. I would not be optimistic that a re-introduced HP 49g would be an improvement irrespective if it was developed on a different hardware platform or not. I would appreciate comments on this subject.


Does anyone know if the later batches of HP 49G's manufactured had less stiff keyboards?

I've heard somethig in this way, but... you'll find more info searching in comp.sys.hp48


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