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I'm trying to figure out how I can (or if I can) import a program into TTCALC. I can save programs entered at the emulator to a .MEM file and reload those without a problem, but can't figure out how to import a program from an outside source. I am using the ver 1.3 in English (Ttcalce.exe), but the help files are still in German. Anyone know if the English help files were ever created? These are beyond (way beyond) my high school German skills or those of my translation program (Tolken99). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I might be of some help. I didn't use TTCALC til now, but I'll look at it and I could try to translate the most important themes.

Let's hope, that my high-school english is good enough for this task.

And please, please don't use automated translators for such things. This should be the last resort. I use Babelfish for the translation of words sometimes, but never for sentences or even websites. Reading the results hurts so bad ...

As a first mission I'll try to check out how to import something.


Reinhard: Please do !! (I tried ttcalc, but gave up due to the german help pages) Andrés


I looked into the help file. There isn't much new for true HP collectors.

Most of the help file discusses the features of the virtual HP-41 (which is in fact an explanation of the real HP-41).

Some of the other commands are just the "file" - commands, you'll find in every Windoze program. ("datei" = "file")

So you'll find the options:






OPTION -> File format (this is not documented in the .hlp file, but could help building a means of importing programs)

OPTION -> System (shaded forever ?)

OPTION -> Layout (shaded forever ?)


Please note, that files are stored as ".mem" files, which seem to store the complete memory of the virtual 41. Keys stored with "ASSIGN KEY COMBINATION" are not stored into the .mem file. I've not seen a possibility to store these assignments til now. I' didn't see a possibility to "import" programs gained from a real 41 til now - I'll search the help file further.

"EDIT" = "Bearbeiten"





"?" Some help functions




MODULES (seems to have no function yet)


Do you have the english version of ttcalc. The archive I've found on the net contains a German and an English version. Search in for "".


Thank you !! I downloaded the english version many months ago, I will "try again" [ pun intended :-) ] May I suggest that, in case you prepare a document about ttcalc, ask Dave Hicks to put a link to it in the Simulations page? There are lots of useful info in this Forum, but it keeps flowing rather fast, and some good advise may be lost in the flow. Thanks again. Andrés


The problem with setting up a webpage with such tips is, that the page has to be GOOD.

Typing some lines here in the forum might take me 10-15 minutes including the search for information. Typing a webpage might take _some_days_

This can be a real problem.

I don't like to think about the work David Hicks has invested in this site - It will be weeks or month of single working hours - Thanks David.

There are some other things too, which are in the queue. I didn't give up the HP-71B website and there are some things people have requested via private email - Hey guys, I didn't forget you.


Dear TTcalc users,

I took some time to look at the files which are in use by the program itself, to understand how to import a program. The syntax is typical HP41, but there is some assembler added to it. It looks like: .line .conv .alpha .hex 01 LBL`Z^N` [ c0 00 f4 00 5a 5e 4e ] 02 DEG [ 80 ] 03 STO 00 [ 30 ] 04 RDN [ 75 ] 05 R-P [ 4f ] 06 RCL 00 [ 20 ] 07 Y^X [ 53 ] 08 X Y [ 71 ] 09 RCL 00 [ 20 ] 10 * [ 42 ] 11 X Y [ 71 ] 12 LBL 04 [ 05 ] 13 P-R [ 4e ] 14 LBL 00 [ 01 ] 15 FS? 04 [ ac 04 ] I am not familiar with the assembler syntax instruction set of the HP41, but perhaps Reinhard Hawel is. It looks quite easy. Who is familiar with the instruction set of the HP 41 and has a summary of it? Perhaps then we can work things out.

PS I tried to contact the original ttcalc software writer, but did not get a message as a reply.


I just believe, these are the Keycodes of the 41 (or the Keycodes of the emulator). I'll have to check this. I fear, that the original writer of ttcalc has given up on it or he thinks it might be complete. I'd see a lot of expansion possibilities on this theme.

I might also dig out my incomplete HP-71B emulator (my first C program - and it looks that way) and complete it.


I managed to upload hp41 programs and to import them into ttcalc. I contacted Stefan Seiwerth (the programmer of ttcalc) and became clear that the hex codes are not really needed for an import. Here is a sample of a file:

.line .conv .alpha 01 LBL`HPHENK` 02 0 03 STO 01 04 LBL 15 05 1 06 ST+ 01 07 RCL 01 08 X^2 09`I: ` 10 ARCL 01 11` I*I: ` 12 ARCL X 13 AVIEW 14 PSE 15 GTO 15

I saved it as *.prg file and could it import in ttcalc without problems

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