HP 42S & 82240B Printing Test?


Hi! I have both of these devices, and cannot figure out how to test to see if the printer will work with this calculator. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. The printer powers-up, and will feed paper, but does not respond to the calculator. I must admit, I cannot figure out how to use this calculator (again, the BA in art proves unhelpful!). I did perform the "self-test," and it seemed to pass. Any clues? Thanks!



I don't have the 42s infront of me at this time, but there is a print menu that is accessed by using the orange shift key and I think the minus key. When you have the menu active scroll through the menu until you find the printer on (prton) setting activate this setting. The rest of the menu should be explain itself. Be sure to turn the print mode off (prtoff) when you are done with the printer. This will turn off the power to the IR interface and prolong battery life. Hope this helps.


Richard & Randy,
I have concluded you are both geniuses!! Your instructions worked perfectly, and so do the 42S and the printer. Thank you for your help!



Self test the printer:
With the power off, press and hold the form-feed button on the right side. Turn on the power and now release the form-feed button. The unit will self-test and print a character map and the battery level. 5 is the highest. Replace the batteries if you are 2 or below.
On the 42S, press:

  1. Shift,- (print}. Press the scroll down arrow 2 times.
  2. The menu should read PON POFF MAN NORM TRACE.
  3. Press the E+ key to activate PON (printer on).
  4. Press LOG to set MAN mode.
  5. You should now be back to a normal screen.
  6. Press shift,- to access the print menu.
  7. Press the LOG key to print the stack contents or any of the other menu picks there to do whatever you want.

As Richard mentioned, don't forget to disable printing when not needed, especially when in trace mode.

Repost if you help more...

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