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For my final decision about a halfnut 41 CX purchase, could anyone supply me with a jpg picture of a numeric and alpha string on a CX halfnut?
Want to avoid the chance of spending hard earned bucks on soemthing I might not like the look of (after 15 years of fullnut screen!)
Thanks again,


Hi, Ted;

Have a look at the images below. In both images, the first one shown is the fullnut's.

This one in intended to enhance ALPHA string differences.

This one allows you a complete view of all numbers, [=] and underscore.

I myself have no trouble using any of them, I think it's a matter of taste; for me, after using them fr a long time, differences are not too big. Anyway, you should take them both in hands, because even not precisely "felt" in these images, halfnut LCD characters look weird at first "contact", allowing even a confusion when trying to figure out who is who. It "scares" a little bit, but you may get used to it. I take the extra rounded-edges black frame in halfnut's display as a particular fancy touch. I once tried a custom halfnut-like frame in one of my fullnuts and I liked it a lot, but I removed it to use as reference to cut a few others and lost it; I'll take it back as a near-future design project ;^)

Hope this helps you. And remember: try having a halfnut in hands an you'll have a better "feeling".

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Thanks Luiz, this is just what I needed!


Just my $.02

You will not like the halfnut display as well as the fullnut. Mine are not as readable and contrast is worse on the halfnut. But they both calculate just fime


The contrast is about the same when they are viewed at the intended viewing angle. The halfnut was optimized for viewing at a more horizontal angle. The fullnut likes to be viewed more head on. Also the fullnut's optimum view angle range is larger than the halfnut's.


I agree. To my eyes, not only does the contrast appear to be lower, the character segments APPEAR to be thinner too. Don

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