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Just see it here

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And when you try the URL for more information about the complete line of HP calculators, you get a "Sorry ..." note from HP!!

Indicative of the true state of affairs?!?!?!


It seems they are working in a new site too:

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If there's only a $10 difference, I still think the original 12c will sell better than the new one...at least, after the HP nuts, e.g., most of us here, have bought one.

The extra programming steps (400 vs. 100) won't matter a hill of beans to 99.99% of the 12c buyers.

The slower solutions to annuity problems will matter to at least 50% of the 12c buyers.

The ugly color scheme will also be a drawback.

IMO, of course.


On the HP Financial Calcualtor comparison page http://www.hp.com/calculators/financial/index.html it lists the number of built-in functions.

HP-12C - 120+

HP-12CP - 130+

What are the extra functions? Trig would be too much to hope for, I'm sure.

--Tony David.


Extra functions are:

X^2 (wow)

ALG (selects algebraic mode)

RPN (selects RPN mode)

= (of course, have to have an equals function for ALG mode)

Can't really find much else.

Some of us had hoped for something to really compete with the $30 TI BAII Plus calculator. Much more bang for the buck than the 12c, sad to say.


The 12C sports a variety of new special MBA boardroom features,

* pay-raise program to determine the highest possible executive pay-raises while a company is going bankrupt. Hit 2nd-shift button to determine corresponding pay-cuts to employees.

* hostile takeover share price calculations

* employee paycut percentage calculator, enter the monetary value of an outstanding employee's corporate contributions, the calculator responds with how much to cut that employee's pay. 2nd-shift button for hack-jobs and non-producing employees, to determine correct amount to raise their pay.

* builtin earnings-sheet fraud generator program

* automatic solve function to determine which is the most profitable and popular product with customers, to target those products for discontinuation.

* foreign currency converter, to check value of Swiss bank account (maximum 11 places plus decimal).

* personal family-member calculation subroutines, example, enter number of creepy MBA sons going to Yale law school, calculator responds with amount of tuition required quarterly (limit 7 figures plus decimal).

* major capital destruction probability programs. HP responded specifically to NASA management on this one, similar to when they responded to NASA on the 41C years ago. So when Dittermore burnt up the 2nd shuttle, he takes his 12C, enters the amount of major capital destruction caused by not listening to engineering, enters the gross annual income of the organization, assets and earnings, calculator responds with most likely payraise to the individual holding responsibility for the capital destruction. 2nd shift to calculate 'bonus' amount and number of share options awarded after media coverage cools off.

I think Carly is pretty happy with the new extra features.
NASA is going to try that last feature often, until they run out of shuttles.



You forgot one final function for those MBA types:

The calculator tells them to go lie out on the railroad tracks and wait to be fixed!


Ouch !

Thats one MBA who will need a few bandaids.

I could spare a few bandaids for our test MBA...
well, one or two bandaids anyway, well,
the little round ones at the bottom of the can that I dont use. If thats not enough too bad.

Hope it was Carly .


Not all of us are like you make it out to be...seems like only those at HP. :-(


Gene, I hold you in high regard, along with another MBA who has been shaking up the world lately! I have no animosity about it but I wonder why RPN has survived in the 12C but not in the scientific calculator market. In the manner of the optometrist (think of me as an optimistic optometrist!), tell me which of these works better:

a. Accountants like RPN because it is not unlike the old adding machine.

b. Accountants like RPN because it is sort of a secret method that sets them apart (not meaning to imply that only accountants would be motivated this way!)

If it turns out that it was only the gold anodized finish that made the 12C popular, the 12CP is screwed! I know platinum is the natural progression from gold for prestige, but in an actual object, will the extra few dollars make people forget that it is really aluminum?


OK we will be nice.

You can have a big band-aid.

Maybe we will even phone 911 for you.

HEY SERIOUSLY, if you are a nice MBA, prove it.
I always hoped maybe I would meet one someday,
though I hadn't so far.

I am sitting on several multi-million
dollar opportunities. NO this is not SPAM.
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I have smaller ones, and larger ones, all
clearly legitimate, and sought-after by
customers near and far. 2 out of 3 are
protected by patent, the 3rd one will be later.

Everytime I sit down with modern management,
they are too twisted and braindead to even know
how to change a lightbulb. NOT the management from
the moonshot era. Now, if they can't even change
a lightbulb, you cant exactly talk to them about important enabling technology allowing a huge pile of money to be made, can you. So I have these great ideas but they can't pronounce anything more complicated than "golf"
so then I go hungry because the only way I can make money is by inventing cool new things, and they cannot appreciate that process.

Besides, they are busy saying 'rip you off' and you cant talk technicals anyway because they are just figuring out how to swindle somebody (perhaps the inventor, or maybe the shareholders).

So I have 3 specific outstanding ideas, 2 could generate a million bucks a year of sales, the 3rd could generate 20 million bucks a year of sales. Prove to me you are a nice MBA by talking to me about it.

Click on the blue, up top.

- Norm
Design Engineer


A little louder please,,,,

so far,,,,,

I can't HEARRRRRR youuuuuuu .


Despite the mistakes made on colour scheme and bugs, HP need to be congratulated for the support documentation. See the link below for a set of .pdf documents. I hope that they keep this up with newer scientific models, but with traditional colours, no bugs and faster speeds!



Pity the manuals link on the normal 12C page takes you to the 10BII and not the 12C!
Maybe the guy who did the website is the same guy who built my Malaysian 12C keyboard!



Please note that the pdf documents linked to in your referenced link are credited mostly to Grapevine Publications, and so it is really mostly they (not necessarily HP) who should be congratulated for a job well done.

Now if Grapevine Publications could be contracted to write the HP support documentation, it would be very interesting. And about those colours...

Regarding the documentation about the "algebraic" mode for the HP 12CP: have you read that? It is, indirectly, one of the better arguments for using RPN that I've seen. Try to do one of those problems, and it's almost guaranteed that learning RPN would be easier, even for "those MBA types" :-)

At least this shows that HP wants to produce some decent documentation, even if they've forgotten how to do it themselves.

Dan "cynical? me?" M.


Dan> Gordon:

Dan> Please note that the pdf documents linked to in your referenced link are credited mostly to Grapevine Publications, and so it is really mostly they (not necessarily HP) who should be congratulated for a job well done.

I suspect the (RPN part of the) documentation comes from Grapevine's "An Easy Course in Using the 12C" book, which was written many years ago.

And didn't I read the 12CP manual is an updated version of HP's own original 12C manual (ie. Example problems now have updated Interest rates, PV amounts, etc..)? If so, we should congratulate the original writers for a job well done (for the manual they wrote twenty years ago).


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