deskjet 6122


PC Win98SE connected Deskjet and to router w/ RJ45 cable
Laptop XP connected to router with RJ45 cable

what drivers do I need for each of the computers?



Is a "router" very different from a "hub" or a "switch"? I have managed to connect several Windows ME computers and one Windows 95 computer in a peer-to-peer network through a "switch" using only the Windows networking Wizard and the diskettes/CD-ROMs that came with the network cards or motherboards (those that have Ethernet onboard). The Windows 95 computer has a small Panasonic laser printer attached (a "Win [95] Printer" - no newer drivers to be found!) and it is accessible from the other computers as an HP LaserJet IIp. The WinPrinter has two modes of operation (on its host system): GDI or PCL. The PCL mode is shared, and is what shows up as a IIp on the other systems.


He ellis

well I got it going the same way and it has been working fine for a while.

But now i am having problems with Word and Dr. Watson reckons it is something to do with the HP driver.

But the driver download page does not seem to apply to my set up, so I don't know how to proceed.

I thought I would come to the experts...

Is there another forum that deals more specifically with this type of pquestion?




There are some independent websites that archive drivers of all types - maybe that's what you mean by "the driver download page"? I can't think of the names of such sites but I'm sure Google would find them if you just ask for "drivers".

You might try calling HP customer service and saying you need the CD-ROM (or whatever they have) for the product. They sent me the latest CD-ROM for a digital camera that I bought as a clearance item without the accessories, and they didn't charge me anything.

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