Should I get one?


Only now that my work upgraded to new computers and gave me a faulty Pentium 100 (which I've fixed) am I on the net and able to access programs for my HP48G. WHAT FUN! But so limited with only 32k memory....Do I go to the HP48GX or the HP49G?

Some day perhaps I'll be a math professor. I was rotten in math through HS and college, except for Statistics which I aced in college!...Go figure. Now, I find myself enjoying math as a pastime! I got the HP48G thinking If I could understand how to work the beast I'd be a step ahead in math. This is backward thinking I know, but I've always had an affinity for gadgets... It has helped greatly, along with math CD sets... Who'd of known so many thick books could be written on one little calc.

Best wishs....crunchn #'s



I just bought a 49G, and it may be a very capable machine but I don't know. Why ? I think the documentation for this item is way below HP standards of the past. I spend much more time reading the old 48 manuals to try to figure things out and am just about ready to shelve the 49 and fire up the old 48. Just a personal experience.

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