HP15C emulator for the PocketPC


A seemingly interesting HP15C emulator for the PocketPC appears in:


I have not used it, this is just a pointer for who may be interested...


It sure looks great, and the 15C is one of my favs. Alas, I have a Palm and I'm certainly not switching to another cumbersome Microsoft platform.

I just hope somebody eventually makes this for Palm. The KK-12C from KKtechnologies.com is a decent 12C emulator, but we need emulators for the out-of-production machines, too!!


i wouldnt mind trying to build a palm version. are the roms available. ie free from copyright?


Too bad the 15C emulator is only for 'Pocket PC 2000/2002' .
If there were a version for Handheld PC Pro,
with WinCE 2.11 , it would be more interesting.

However, since my Jornada 690 has OmniSolve is built-in,
there's not much need to 'upgrade'.

For those who don't know what Omnisolve is:

It's a very nice RPN calculator emulation,
switchable between RPN and algebraic.

In RPN mode, it looks like an 11C or 15C, with minimal differences.

And best of all: It's FREE. You only have to have the Handheld PC, of course;-)



Omnisolve was available as a software product from Landware (if I recall correctly), but was included in some HP Jornada handheld PCs indeed. Other brand (non HP) handhelds needed to buy it.

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