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Saw this over the weekend. It confirms the "bug" in the solution for the interest rate in an annuity. I had called this to HP's attention, but doesn't seem like they could or wanted to fix it. --Gene


There is something very strange about the new 12c platinum.
Resolving for i is, one could say, no longer possible. My one displays "running" for so long I have to press the ON key. I have tried many simple examples now.

If indeed it does resolve, before running bateries flat, it
must take a very long time.

Oh, it did work n=10 i=10 pv=100 fv=0 solve for pmt=-162.745
resolve for i ... it seems to take 40 seconds. [Gene: Note, on my 12c platinum, it returns 10 for i almost instantly...however, if I store 0 into i and then resolve for it, it takes about as long as the poster indicates]

On the classic gold 12C it takes 4 seconds.

This is, believe me, an example that is favourable to the 12c platinum.

Unfortunately this does make it a returnable item, unless one really likes bugs like this.


This might not be a good sign for Hp's testing or coding for the new machines. The 12c should have been a piece of cake to get on the market since they already have it there to begin with. Just imagine Hp's NEW RPN entries onto the market. I SHUDDER!!!

I hope for a decent pocket RPN calculator that advertizes Hp's quality and is a product that is both a pleasure to use and has great features.

My 49G has great features, but it is not all that great to use (My 48G is a nice machine, BUT IT DON"T FIT IN A POCKET). I would love an Hp15c with 32K (hell 128K!!!!) and Hp48 units conversion and misc. other Hp48 features (clock, beeper, 48g type programming with a selectable RPN/RPL programming flag, etc) with ONLY a TWO line 42s type display and a serial port. Every thing else would come via third party programs if something like this were available.

What we'll probably get is a LOSER HP9G RPN piece of CRAP that we'll have to be glad to get THAT!

I would be happy with an Hp15c retro (I'd like some extra RAM), but I'd take it the way it was for $40-$50 ($30 sounds even better). Price it any higher (and while I would still buy one) people will buy algebraic and suffer, since PC's do most of the serious number crunching.

Hp makes the new 12c BS model, why not a retro Hp15c (and I'd be happy with the BS colors if I had no choice, though again, I would prefer the more elegant and mature OLDER Styling).


If the 12c is sold as a premium product, how do HP think they are going to get away with this kind of problem?

If the calc doesn't do one of the examples in the manual then I'd want my money back.

(OK HP might just try to take the money and run, but is HP realy that bad now?)


Example f CLEAR FIN n=10 pv=100 pmt=-20 solve for i.
On the original 12C this takes 15 seconds. Solving for i again takes 4 seconds, as the original 12C uses the existing i as part of its initial guess.

On the new 12c platinum it takes 35 seconds.Pressing i again
takes another 35 seconds. This implies that the new platinum
12c does not re-use the existing i as part of the initial
guess strategy.


In a spirit of scientific investigation:

For clear fin, N=10, PV=100, PMT= -20 and solve for i, my calculator takes 15 secs as for the original 12C, but solving for i again takes another 15 secs so it doesn't seem to use the original i as part of the initial guess - sort of hybrid between the 12C and the 12CPt.

My calculator - a HP-41CV running the Real Estate module.

Thanks for the info on the HP 12CPt - very interesting if saddening seeing HP losing it in such a big way. Don't think I'll be giving Carly any of my money soon.


Hi, folks;

I read these posts and I felt myself confused: are u running final, commercial HP12cP versions or Beta ones?

I just wnat to know, because Gene posted some info in here about a Beta unit, that would switch to off when runnning a program and finding [R/S] or [GTO]000 step code. Maybe other Beta models contain other, different bugs. As Gene mentioned, I also hope HP is carefull enough as for detecting and correcting these bugs before putting HP12cP units for sale.

Thank you.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


This "feature" proves that we should not expect "old hp quality" from "current hp". These two entities are completely different animals.

It is sad, and brings mixed emotions: 12CP looks like a voyager on the outside and maybe even internal HW, but sadly "intelligence" on it is on the 30s/6s/... league

I wonder: will the product manager get yelled at for this "feature" ? Not at "current HP", I think.



Jordi Hidalgo amswered my similar question via email with a reference to this message. From this I take it that his unit does not exhibit the turn-off problem.


I have a production shipping model hp 12 Platinum. I ran the calcs mentioned above clearing FIN register first. I got i in 16.7 seconds. Second punch on i was in 1.5 seconds.



What's the serial number on your 12cpt? Mine is CN31301335
- maybe they fixed the i-solutions for PMT<>0!!!

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