Looking for LCDLEX source file


Hello all,

I'm looking for the source file of the LCDLEX. This lex for the 71b changes the display behavior. I looked in all the LIF files I have and couldn't find the source file.

If anybody of has it, can you email it to me ?

Thanks !

Alain Robillard


Have you read
the users' clubs' Swap Disks README file

and looked in the

users' clubs' Swap Disks folders

Chris Catotti


Thanks Chris,

based on you suggestion, I had a closer look at the files in the swap archives and noticed that there was another LEX with the exact same list of function. I cross-checked with the version reported with VER$ and concluded that LCDLEX and DSPLEX are the same. Good news, DSPLEX source file is there !

Alain Robillard

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