Re: PDF files (yes, the Reader is a different story)


The PDF files are often huge, but I expect that a lot of this depends on how the file was made. PDF does have its advantages, but sometimes a plain text or HTML file would serve just as well.

Regarding Acrobat Reader, it seems to exit ok if I use it for a local file, but if I click on a URL and then go to something else or close the browser, I still have a process, acrord32 if memory serves me, that keeps running until I kill it myself. If I don't stop acrord32 and click on another PDF URL, I'll have yet another instance of it running.

I don't know whether the problem is really in Acrobat Reader or in MS Windows 98SE or the browser, but certainly something isn't working the way it should. But for know, I've gotten in the habit of killing acrord32 myself.



James M. Prange wrote:
> I don't know whether the problem is really in Acrobat Reader or in MS Windows 98SE or the browser [...]

My stock answer is "Don't like it, don't use it." :-)

Seriously, Windows 95/98/ME is a pathetic collection of legacy code and band-aid fixes that sort of work.

Use a real operating system such a Windows NT or 2000, or
if you cannot afford one of them, an Open Source Unix clone (e.g. Linux or one of the BSD varieties).


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