Two versions of the HP-17BII ?


I read somewhere in the Museum that there are two versions for the HP 17BII: one is English and the other is International. Is this correct ? How can we tell the difference if we can check the machines ? What are those differences really ?


Hi Jose,

In the international version, you have an extra option in the modes menu called 'INT'. When you select this, you come to a menu with the choice of German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese languages. Additionally, when you run the self-test, there is an extra ROM called ROM2 (I guess this is where all the international stuff is kept.


Well, I assume then that the English version will not have neither this option nor the second ROM. Is this correct ? I'm pretty shure both my HP17BII are int version.

Are there any other HP calc with such particular variety of choices ?


Hello, Jose; tudo certo? (kinda Howdy? in Portuguese)

I was not aware of this Intl. HP19BII against the English-only. I have an HP19BII (Clamshell, like the HP28) that has the international choice (messages and menu labels in five languages, Portuguese included). I am not sure if there is an English-only HP19BII since it offers this international choice from it's very first appearance.

Good to know about it.

Hey, have you updated your HPcalcs timeline? There are a few new addings, and you may insert the HP12C Platinum... unless they find a parking place and smash the existing units with a hammer. And Gene, keep yours for now! No one knows what passes over HP's staff. Maybe they are, in fact, testing hammers' marketplace since the Xpander.

Best regards.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


Well, the 49G doesn't come in different language versions, but it does have some multilanguage message tables. Some tables are English, French and Spanish, some are English and French, and some are English only. If you set it up for French or Spanish and the particular message table doesn't have the chosen language, then it will default to English.

I gather that for any 48 series or 49G, it's not all that difficult to install your own message tables, but I've never tried it as, being rather language impoverished, anything but English would be pretty much "Greek to me". If you're interested enough to write your own message table, then I suggest that you contribute it to; other users may appreciate it.



Hi. Thanks for all your comments. As always, I learn a lot every time I visit the Museum. Well, my main interest is as a calc collector. I don't have the intention or the knowledge to write my own messages or tables. What I know now is that I have to look for an English only HP17BII to include in my collection.


Well, I assume then that the English version will not have neither this option nor the second ROM. Is this correct ? I'm pretty shure both my HP17BII are int version.

You can also check the version numbers of the ROM(s).

- Press <CLR> + <SK4> for single test mode
- Press <- to enter memory browser.
- Press . to eval shown address (021E8:71...)

On the top left side you see one or two letters, the 1st is the ROM rev. of the main ROM, the 2nd is the ROM rev. of the language ROM.

Both of my HP17BII (Malaysia/Indonesia) have rev. BA.

BTW, the number on top right is an error code (of last restart?).

> Are there any other HP calc with such particular variety of choices ?

Yes, there are. The predecessor of the HP17BII the HP17B was also build in these two versions. My two HP17B (both Singapore) have rev. BB.

The HP19B and HP19BII was always sold in the international version. Here it had make no sense because the was enough room (128KB) in the ROM for the international version, whereas the international versions of the HP17B(II) need the additional 32KB ROM chip.



Here I go again ! Learning all the time. I knew the HP42S had this feature, but the unsuspected HP17BII too ! That's something ! Well, then my natural question is this: which other Pioneers have the memory browser ?


HP17B, HP17BII, HP27S, HP42S

So all high end Pioneer series calculators base on the Lewis chip.

Minor difference, the HP17B amd HP27S don't support arrow up and down for #01000 steps like the HP17BII and HP42S do.


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