Why Adobe is a good thing


I forgot to mention one of my opinions regarding ADOBE Acrobat.

Considering that Microsoft has a(n increasing) monopoly on more of the business of software every year, I am glad that some other company is out there with a universally accepted business product---ACROBAT! And for business, it is great--as is HTML mail by the way---Plain text does not have bold, italic, fonts and all that stuff, which is so very necessary at times when doing business......

But the KISS system is a good system, which is what *is* good about plain text.

Interesting fact: Many of the (U.S.) Federal government sites are set up with a clear understanding of the advantages both in bandwitdh and universal access, of plain text.

If you go looking for tax info, or CFR (code of federal regulations) info, or United States Code info, you have a choice whether to fetch plain text, or PDF.



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