Announcing the new HP-10U!


Hello, all:

We minimalists believe that less is better, and that least is best. So we are proud to present the HP-10U, a minimalist's dream come true.

It's so minimal that doesn't have numeric input keys except for 0 and 1 -- which is no handicap, as the HP-10U works in binary only. It can perform the 4 basic operations (algebraic entry, neither precedence nor parentheses), change the sign of the number, enter the -- uh -- binary point, and that's about it. To clear the calculator, you press 0 and then =.

That said, there's no more to say about the machine. Only what the "U" in the model number stands for -- useless.



Why not HP-10 PU

Pretty Useless.

I love the calc.


How about

pretty useless digital device.




Might not the name be confused with "IOU" as in "I owe you", or does the name mean that after you buy it, HP still owes you a calculator?

Would it be possible to add programmability based on the Turing machine?


01001100 01001111 01001100


76 79 76 ?
4c 4f 4c ?
114 117 114?



4C 4F 4C = "LOL"

I was off by one at first and was trying to figure out what "MPM" meant.


Given the presence of the "CHS" key, I think the "-" function must be considered an irresponsible and wildly extravagant bit of excess.

Minimize, minimize, minimize!



Maybe it should be called HP-10Bin

It is either of 2 states: either in the hand or in the bin...

I have added it to my collection of minimalist designs.

Any one got others?


I think it is a real travesty that the only information you can get about this new model is here on-line. HP used to write such good user manuals! How is anyone supposed to figure out, say, how to do backward error analysis using the HP-10U?

Obviously, just another Carly-esque sign of the times...


what's the 0 key for?

101 is easily entered as 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1


That's right! Heck, no numeric buttons at all. Just shake the calculator, until the number you want comes up on the display! Come on, 111... baby needs a new pair of shoes!!


>what's the 0 key for?

Well, if it comes to that, the truly minimalistic HP-10U would have just one key. To operate the machine, you tap that key using Morse code!

Or, no keys at all -- just a microphone, so you can tell the calculator what you want to do...




You could design one much simpler than the HP-10U.

It would calculate only in base 0 .
Therefore, the only number it would accept is 0.

Since no matter whether you add or subtract
or multiply by zero, then the result is still
zero, so it doesn't need any buttons at all.
Also it doesn't need any display, since you can
just presume that the display, if it had one
would be reading "0".

I think HP executive management is working on a close
cousin to a calculator of this nature....

reflecting the need for increasing profits while
having less to manufacture, they may soon release
a virtual base zero calculator. You buy it for $150,
and when you open the cardboard box there is nothing inside.

I hear that marketing and management are very favorable
to the increase in projected quarterly earnings that this
new model might create, with executive perks and bonuses
all around .


If anybody should question the wisdom of such a unit,
like, wonder if they got a good deal, they would have to
take that up with the virtual online owner's manual.
Since the website disconnects when you try to access it,
then there wont be any complaints from the customers.

I think it is going to be called the "HP-0C" .


ROTFLMAO - I like it! C in honor of Carly presumably?


Yes, I think "C" should stand for Carly on that HP-0C .

It's going to really boost profits. She is
going to get a $50M bonus perk as soon as
the first 100,000 HP-0C units are manufactured

Also, since there actually isn't anything
coming off the production line, and there
isnt anything inside the box, then it is presumed
as soon as the ink dries that the first 100,000
were already manufactured from the first day.

So Carly's $50M bonus perk is assured on this one
from the moment this brilliant idea popped into her head
(unlike other boardroom deals where there
might be some uncertainty about getting the perk).


Yeah - the one thing that won't be virtual will be Carly's slice of the action!

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