Do you or why don't you make a new HP12C with a faster chip? I own three of your calculators, 12C, 10B, and 17BII and I don't like any of them except the 12C, but it is to slow. The 12C is a fine calculator, so please consider rebuilding it on a faster chip. The 10B comes close to it, but it does not have the RPN functions.


Great idea!

Just the sort of feedback we at HP are wanting!

I'll pass this on the the Calculator team in Australia.

Hang on. I can't do anything of the sort. I don't work for HP. This forum isn't part of HP. We're just (mostly) a bunch of collectors and users of older HP calculators.

Or is that a bunch of older collectors and users of HP calculators :-)


Why not post this to the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup? The current ACO (Australian Calculator Operations) team which is in charge of HP calculator design reads and posts regularly there. Your opinions would surely be "heard" (or at least read). :-)

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