It was 20 years ago today...


With all due respect to Sargeant Pepper...

In May of 1983, HP published articles introducing and describing the HP-15C and HP-16C, two of my current favourites.

Despite HP's current inert state with respect to quality RPN engineering calculators, I'd still like to say Thank-You, HP, for the wonderful legacy you have created. These old but still functional machines have provided this engineer with a lot of joy over the years.


If you like the HP-15C as much as I do, I suggest you don't miss my commemorative 6-page article "Long Live the HP-15C !", to be published in the next issue of HPCC Datafile (V22N3).

You'll love it ! :-)


Valentin Albillo wrote:

> You'll love it ! :-)

I look forward to reading it - I certainly enjoyed your
articles on the HP-11C and 12C in V20N5&6 and V21N1&2 ...
and also your "article" on the 10C in V20N6... ;-)


Jordi Hidalgo

HPCC #1046


Bona tarda, Jordi:

Thanks for your kind comments, I must say that I've also enjoyed a lot all of your very interesting articles and contributions to Datafile, and I'm eager to get every issue to read more of them.

I sincerely hope you'll like the HP-15C article, and
would recommend you get one to try the accompanying program, it's quite satisfaying to see it in action, specially in
such tiny machine as the HP-15C. :-)

Best regards and adeu.



Sure, 6 pages article, I'll love it!

Time for hp15c platinum? Or perhaps, full Voyager Platinum line :-)

As far as I remember, on 19th May 1999 (or was it the 21st May?), hp49 was presented .. Looks like May is a good month for new devices...

Best regards,

1077 HPCC Member


"Time for hp15c platinum? Or perhaps, full Voyager Platinum line :-)"

I think that would be a really good idea *if and only if* the keyboard would be as reliable as in the original Voyagers. Else, with the extremely many keycodes and key combinations available in the HP-15C (more than 400), it would be a nightmare to try and discover just what key didn't register properly at what step. Just think of RCL A, RCL+A, RCL DIM A, RCL MATRIX A, RCL (i), RCL + (i), RCL DIM (i), RCL 9, RCL .9, etc. to see what I mean ... :-)

Thanks for your interest and best regards.


I am an ex-PPC member (#4820) but don't know much about HPCC. I'd love to read the articles you mention but I suspect this requires membership/annual dues?


Patrick wrote: "I'd love to read the articles you mention but I suspect this requires membership/annual dues?"

I'm afraid you're right. HPCC is an HP-fan club, more or
less in the same spirit as old PPC and CHHU, trying to
survive in the not-so-favorable-for-HP-calcs present,
though somewhat scaled down, of course. If you want
additional info, please visit

My only relation to HPCC is trying to help it survive: I contribute funds by being a member, and I contribute materials by writing articles/programs for publication, but I have no
responsibilities or 'charge', nor do I have a say as to
publication or pricing policies. Ideally, I would prefer
that HPCC would not charge anything for membership, but
I understand this is simply unrealistic, if only to
help compensate the cost of publishing Datafile six times
a year.

Anyway, I intend to make available online in a near future
all of my articles so that anyone interested will be able
to download them for free. I'll post a message to the list
announcing it when ready.

Thanks for your interest and best regards.


Valentin is correct about needing membership of HPCC to get current Datafile issues.

If you want to read articles from 1982-2002, Jake Schwartz has scanned the first 20 years of Datafile onto CD-ROM.

A full table of contents for all issues is on the HPCC web site:


I am confused about the intro of the 15-C in May of 1983. I bought mine in December of 1982; serial no. 2242A...



Yes, you are right that the HP-15C came out in 1982. I was referring only to the articles in the HP Journal which delved into the innards of the machine: "Scientific Calculator Extends Range of Built-In Functions".

This, and many other wonderful memories, are available on the museum's DVD/CD set.

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