No more insulting the coyotes and raccoons


no more insulting the coyotes and raccoons,

I never saw no coyote or raccoon that
was ugly as a "WALMART 9G" or a "PLATINUM 12C"

In fact, the average coyote or raccoon is pretty
kool looking. I mean, a raccoon looks like
a bank-robber..... hmmmm... so does Carly.

HEY I just figgered it out, I saw a digital wristwatch
for 8 year olds and the digits all looked like they
were melted. I mean, on purpose, they were all different
sizes and crooked and warped. To make it look cool.

WELLLLL HP should feature a "MELTED" display on their
new calculators. After all, its boring and stodgy
and dumb of those engineers to want the digits all in a neat tidy row.

Time to give them something else.


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A JOB AT HP! While your comments sound brilliant, we will not listen to them (well we may just rip them off, cool colors and other great gimmicks ARE IN). You can forget it! No amount of Bootlicking or A$$ kissing is going to get YOU ON THE Payroll after your other comments.


aka.(Ron Ross)

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