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I have a problem with my printer/plotter 82162A : it does not print correctly the character 124. It prints the same as character 13 instead of a vertical bar! Was anybody aware of this problem with the 82162, or is it specific to mine? I got the same result if I use "124 BLDSPEC" followed by "PRX" and "124 XTOA" followed by "PRA" and with 3 different '41... Thanks in advance for your help.

By the way, I don't have the manuals for the printer or for the HP-IL module it requires. There might be something stated for this...


I think there's a way to change character set (I'm sure there is). If I recall correctly, the default character set does not have the certical bar, but the alternate one does.

My IR printer module uses MAPON and MAPOFF commands to do this. I recall on other HP printers the SI and SO characters (^N and ^O) were used to swap between primary and alternate character sets (but I don't think that will work on the IL printer)

Hmmmm, I do know that the MAPON and MAPOFF commands equate to escape sequences, maybe the IL printer understands those?

Have a look at this page It talks about the 82240B printer, but HP are pretty good about using the same escape sequences.

I hope something works :-)


Thanks a lot Steve,

I managed to get the vertical bar by the following sequence :

252 (or 253) XTOA, 124 XTOA, OUTA

and there it prints a vertical bar... seems that the 252 code which itselfs delivers the same character as "13" used as a prefix allow the printer to change the character set... it remains to be clearly explained... Thib.

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