HP 41 battery/Port unit - synthetic Barcode instructions


A couple of weeks ago I dived a little bit deeper in on of my seldom-used drawers and found - my old HP-41 stuff (I wish I hadn’t open the drawer). I didn’t need to tell you what’s going on since then, for example:

- Rebuilding battery packs,
- Bring back my 41CV to live by slaughtering my 41C,
- Bring back to mind the “secrets” of synthetic programming (why using 0 STO c is not too good)
- Purchasing the Museum DVD (giving David the wrong country on the address [Thanks again for your detective work] and after I received the DVD - to much print-ing, to much reading)
- Surfing ours and ours the Internet and especially this forum (great stuff here)
- Spending much too much money on eBay etc).
- And so on

Okay, now my to questions (for this time).

a) Do the battery/Port unit of the 41C and 41CV have a identical layout (the battery con-tacts on the CV are severe corroded and
b) Is there a way of generating synthetic instructions (RCL d for example) as two-byte paper keyboard?

Thanks Frank


I can answer the first part. AFAIK the battery/port connectors are the same on all 41 series. I have an early steep key C to a half nut CX and everything in between and have seen only version of the part.

If the corrosion is on the battery ends only and it has not reached the PC board connector or ports, you can repair it with copper foil. I use 1/2" 3M copper shielding tape and low temp solder to connect electrically. Not as pretty as the gold, but works fine and is a whole lot cheaper.

David Smith detailed this method some time ago with photos. I'll see if I can find the thread and re-post later today.


Thanks for your info. I’ve read the article from David Smith too, and have previously put a little solder on the battery ends on the 41 CV. But as you mentioned, not a very pretty solution.

I've already started cannibalizing my 41 C - and here are the contacts okay. So I will use this part in the CV.

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