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Do you repair HP? I have an HP41cx and HP48sx. Both are currently not working. Being a surveyor I really loved these. As the years have pasted I have used other surveying software. I am moving next Saturday (1-29-00) and they are going in the trash unless someone can repair them reasonably. I came across them as I was packing and would hate to throw them out after spending so much on them. Please respond to my e-mail if you do repairs so we can talk. I know of several other surveyors with old 41 laying around in hope of repair. I am not interested in spending big bucks nor are they!



I also have a hp 41 mine is a cv and doesn't work. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the battery area which has some corrosian. Look under repairing and batteries on this site. There is some information that might help you fix it yourself. Also before you through them away you should post them under the classified adds on this site as people seem to be looking for parts, modules, manuals, etc. for the 41's. Might also try posting on ebay.


Are there any repair sites known in Europe (Preferably in The Netherlands or near) ?


Je zou kunnen proberen met "Portasoft" te bellen, 020-6545301.


Brian, please contact : Portasoft Adress : Grote Tocht 25F 1507 Zaandam phone : +31 75 6704205


Ik heb nog e-mail adresje gevonden: Succes!


It depends strongly on the kind of calculator. The HP 35-HP 80, the HP 20's and HP 30'ties a can be easily repaired, if parts are available. Some collectors have spare parts. The newer models are more difficult, because they are welded together.

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