HP9114b and my brothers advantage rom


Hi. My brother and I both use an hp41cx. However, we both split the cost of an advantage rom. Is there anyway to backup the rom on the hp9114b, and use the rom that way? ie tranfer the part of the rom I need to my calc ?



Check some of the past sales on ebay. If you buy the Advantage alone expect to pay alot. Find a calculator with one in it and try to get it at a reasonable cost. Then sell the calculator after retrieving your second Advantage ROM and I bet you will recover nearly all your money. I should not give away my bidding secrets, but I could not resist restating my belief that the HP41CX and modules can not be equated to dollars. If you have a good one, or two, or two hundred, you probably will always get your money back on it/them if you treat them kindly. Best regards. Hope I did not take Advantage of your time.


umm Ok...but can I just put the functions i need on floppy and copy them to my calc?


I used to copy programs from the Survey module and then modify them. Then I ran what I needed out of RAM and pulled out the ROM. I recall that it was tricky to make sure you got all the differently-named subroutines copied too. Anyhow, for my copy-from-ROM to RAM and then use, I did not need any mass storage device, although I used to run programs back and forth from a PC with the HP-IL/RS232C, and extended I/O module and HI-IL module. If I were to get into this kind of thing again, I would have to RTFM. Then I would probably print out all the code from the ROM and start looking at what I wanted to copy. I used to enjoy the assemler-type code. Now, who knows ... Good luck.


I think it's a question of whether the programs are written in machine language or user code.

On page 16, the manual says "Many of the programs in this pac are copiable using the COPY function."

I still think it is a question of the type of program. I imagine user code programs in ROM would still start with a global label, so they should show up in the CAT 2 listing with the little "T" supercsript character.


first you can execute "copy" to copy the program and again for any global labeled subroutines that are seperated from the main program. if they all fit you are in business. next; having both calcs handy, you two are in the best situation to re-label the subroutines. run the ram program till it stops and displays "nonexistant" at an xrom # and find the same place in the other 41 with the rom. that helps as you look for the "lbl"s and match them with the "goto"s and "exe"s. it's kind of time consuming on a large looping program like some of the ones in the survey pac but it will run just as well and you can even make inprovments. make notes as you go because you will probably see some subroutines more than once. i've done it and i'm dumb. have fun.


So, what about using the 9114 device to transfer a ROM image such as anyrom.rom?



as you may see here http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/nutem/romim.htm the Advantage consists of two 4k ROM. You may only copy to RAM what is in User Language. If you copied such a routine, switch off the HP-41 and pull out the Advantage ROM. Next step through the copied program and change any XROM to XEQ. Of cause you need to copy those routines too.



Actually it has 12K ROM, but who's counting. The Advantage ROM was the first module make use of an op code instruction that permits of page switching. The HP-41 has a 64K addressing structure, consisting of 16 4K pages 0 throgh F (Hex 0000 through FFFF). The page switching is transparrent to the user.


Correct! It is transparent on my site if I had looked further down <G>. Thanks for the correction.



From ebay recently:

This HP-41CV calculator does not turn on. I am not sure if it just needs a new battery, or if there is another problem. Sold AS-IS! It does have an ADVANTAGE pack and a case. It is from the early 80s. The case is in very good condition and the calculator is also in good condition. The calculator has a chip off the battery cover on the back side - about 1/4 inch by 3/8 inch. Not visible from the front. It also has some dust under the display cover. Comes with a handbook and programming guide - together in one spiral bound book. Buyer pays USPS shipping - either parcel post or Priority Mail.
[UNIT SOLD BUY-IT-NOW FOR $39, May 7, 2003]

This is a used Advantage module for the HP-41C/CV/CX calculator. This module adds math, matrix, computer science and business & financial functions to the basic hp 41 calculator. The module is working fine.
This auction is for the extension module only. There is no documentation. However, it may be obtained online from the hp museum (www.hpmuseum.org).
The auction is for what the picture shows. No calculator is included either!
Buyer adds $5 for s&h, domestic US.
[UNIT SOLD FOR $72, May 7, 2003]

These are the types of things I was talking about. The Buy-it-Now guy above sure got a good deal. Even a non-working CV will go without the module for over the $39 he paid for it, and he could get about $72 for the module alone. If it were my brother and I, we would both have the genuine article, each with an Advantage pac, and probably wind up with a slight profit or at least no money arguments (which is unusual for siblings not to be arguing about $10 here and there all the time).

Good luck.


thank you for the link to an ebay auction. however, I can't drop that much money for a ROM. I simply would like to have a "copy" of my brothers (and mine!) ROM. is it possible to dump the whole rom, and then copy it to my calc? I could keep it in extended memory, or even main memory....


As I understand it, the problem is that in the 41, RAM space and ROM space are completely different and separate. RAM is organized in 56 bit registers and ROM in 10 bit instructions. Machine language programs can't be stored in the registers because the CPU just won't fetch instructions from there (user language programs are interpreted, not executed). User language programs can be stored in ROM - I assume they just waste two bits per instruction and use eight bite for each keystroke.

To do what you are talking about, you need a "MLDL" (see the just-previous thread). It's a device with battery backed RAM that is mapped as ROM and has some provision to write into it. It was expensive back then and it is still expensive. You can find all the plans for the original version on the PPC Journal CD-ROMS and build your own - one letter to the editor estimated it would take a trained technician with a well-stocked workshop three weeks to build one! (the writer wanted more general interest articles in the Journal)

Meindert is working on a new MLDL based on a large programmable logic device. It will still require considerable careful work to assemble one.


I got that one for US$39.00 as a "Buy it Now". It hasn't arrived yet but I can't see that I can lose.


I'll give you $39.50 for it sight unseen. Ha, Ha - I know, I know. Best regards.

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