Has anyone else seen a picture of this? I was dissapointed to see the enter key in the lower right hand corner, but at least it's a pocket calculator, and has RPN.

Any thoughts?


I am pretty sure there is not a "33S"-- and you have not pointed to or left an address or given any clue where you are seeing this.


If you really mean 33 - please provide an URL. That's news to me.


Hi Steven:

Could you say us where to see the picture?




I do not have a URL. The dealer at the local bookstore let me see an e-mail he got recently from HP. I didn't think I'd be the first to see it among those in this group.

It was a PDF showing the 33S, 17bii+, 19bii+, 12c Platinum, and 49gii. Exact release dates were not given for each model, but I got the impression that the 33s would come out first. It is also called the "swan", for what reason I don't know. Neither the 33s or the 17bii+ are in the pioneer case. The enter key is in the lower right hand corner, and as exected, they are dual (RPN and algebraic) systems.

Unfortunately, this is all I really know. I sorry I don't have a link; I didn't know I would need proof.



By the way, this is the same bookestore where I recently found a PPC ROM, several HP71 modules, and various cases, manuals and batteries (even classics!) new, in their original boxes.


We don't want proof -- we want the PDF!

While the 33s & 17Bii+ didn't have Pioneer cases, what did they look like? 30s? 10Bii? Other?


That's what I'm afraid of - that they will put new models in the 10BII package.


Why are you afraid of it? Would you prefer hp30s form factor?

Best regards,


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No. I don't like all that curvy stuff, also I don't "cotton" to displays with different zones like the 30S. But the 10BII feels much cheaper than even the 30S. The keys sometimes "click" without registering. If the new 12C has the kind of keyboard feel that the old machines had, I hope they can apply that to other new machines.


Yes, I hope so too


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It is very good news to all ;)

But what about pda style calc? (big screen, pen touch, enough flash ROM, etc)

Best regards!!


You have a lot of options for that, based on PocketPC like emu48 for PocketPCs.

Of course, I prefer Prof. Parisse's Giac/Xcas[1] and gnuplot running on my Linux/Familiar/GPE[2] iPAQ.

I think that touchscreen based handhelds will become more popular for such things when 640x480 screen resolution devices become more popular, because you'll get a decent screen for most work.

Best greards,


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[1] http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~parisse/giac.html

[2] http://gpe.handhelds.org


i need a manul for hp48g


There is a scanned copy of the HP-48G Series User Guide at hpcalc.org:

If you need a printed copy, place your request in the Classified Ads.



Hey! That's great. You wouldn't know where to download the Advanced User Ref, would you?



Any of those new old stock itens left ? - I can dream, can´t I ?


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