Does HP sell an Advanced Users Guide for the 49G?


what is the cost?


Perhaps you've checked this already, but if not, try Grapevine Publications NW 4th St Corvallis, OR 97339 - 800-338-4331.

I use my HP48G in a backwards way. Now at 37 I'm discouraged with my lack of mathematical skill (John A. Paulos; Innumercy...) I took Statistics in college and whized through it, but advanced algebra and beyond I found difficult. So after going through the numerous books on this calc. I feel better about math! Still working on it.

Take care, Bill


you can download an adv. user's guide from, or You can only read it and print it if you have adobe acrobat reader.Wich is also available an the internet.For free. This adv. user's guide doesn't come with the calculator.



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