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I recently came across a HP-IL module for an unknown instrument/application. I was wondering if anybody out there might know what this adpater worked with? On one end it has a 34 pin connection. On the other end the standard HP/IL output/input connections. The board inside has HP 82166-60001 on the PC board. Pictures at http://www.colutron.com/images/HP-IL1.jpg and http://www.colutron.com/images/HP-IL2.jpg


That's an HPIL-GPIO interface. GPIO means General Purpose I/O, I believe it has a 16 bit parallel bus with handshaking. The 82166A is equivalent to the 82165A except it doesn't have a built-in power supply, you would typically find some source of DC power on the equipment you are interfacing. The general idea is that you use the 82166A to convert a piece of equipment that has a parallel bus interface (for example, a Centronics type printer) to HPIL. If you have the Museum CD-ROMs, take a look at "Control The World With HPIL" on CD3, it is a book about using the 82165 and 82166 to connect things to HPIL. HP made several products with the model number 82166 - A is the interface you have, C was a kit of parts - IC's, transformers, connectors - along with software for the HP41 and 75, to use to build basically an 82166A into your equipment and develop software to drive it. I think there was also a B but I can't find it in my old catalogs, I think it was another kit.


Also on CD3 are the manuals for the 82166A and other manuals numbered 82166 that are part of the 82166C kit. I think the user would be referred to the 82165A manual for details of operation, this is also on CD3.


Thanks Ellis for the info. Di you know if the 82166A included anything other than the module or manuals? Thanks


According to the 82166A Technical Manual,

"The convertor package includes the following:
* Two HP82166A HP-IL Converters
* Two HP-IL cables
* Two GPIO connectors
* An evaluation board"

The evaluation board appears to be sort of a "null modem" that connects the GPIO interfaces of two 82166A converters. It also supplies power to both converters, since the power is connected at the GPIO interface. The evaluation board must be connected to a source of regulated (5V) or unregulated (6-8V) power, it has a zener diode regulator to get 5V from the unregulated supply connection. With two converters connected to an evaluation board, you could test both converters with one controller, or you could connect each converter to a different controller and communicate information between the two loops through the evaluation board

Most HPIL devices came with one HPIL cable so you could insert the device into an existing loop, so it makes sense that they would supply two cables with two converters. The 82165A HP-IL/GPIO interface came with one HIL cable, a 25 pin D connector (mates with the GPIO connector on the 82165A), and an AC adapter.


Dear HP82166 IL-Converter enthusiasts,

as Gary Friedman describes in his nice book "Control the world with HP-IL" the IL-Converter is the key tool for any advanced hardware interface and measurement application with HP41 (and HP41).

My own two books continues the basic work of Gary Friedman and the idea behind this is : "Take HP-IL and connect your HP41 to the future". The I/O-Board manual with 300 pages and the IL2000 manual with 150 pages gives you the complete knowledge about working with IL-Converter for creating hardware interfacing solutions, measurement, control and data logger applications.

Some informations you find in HP-Museum articles forum item

003 = hardware interfacing activities

192 = interfacing IL2000 system to analogue world

311 = HP41-PC gateway & emulator.

From this articles you you get the imagination that the Hp41 is much more than a handheld calculator, the fourty one is also a powerful system controller - including nice gateway features to PC world...

Two differences exist between the HP82165 and HP82166 IL-Converter : The second unit is battery powered and includes an additional trigger output line, which is needed for advanced hardware applications.

For the HP41 you need the IL-Module plus the EXT-I/O module (or the Development module) for setting the internal status registers of the IL-Converter.

The I/O-Board manual and the IL2000 manual is available from me - also the HP82166 IL-Converter and some function tested interface hardware systems...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug


Hi Christoph, guys;

since I was known about the HPIL (80's) I used to dream of being able to connect anything to my HP41C. Anyway, at that time, the HPIL was somehow far from my bank account range (how come things in the past turn back into reality in the future? My bank account didn't change status so far...). Fortunately I was chosen to deserve an HPIL as a gift from a dearest contributor.

I remember I read about the HPIL kit (82166C) and I could also see the block diagram and the electrical interface, where we find a pulse transformer that is, in fack, a set of thre toroydal transformers. This transformer seems to be the starting point for any design. Do you (or anyone else) have the specs for this pulse transformer? I'd like to build the electrical interface and trace signals sent and receive by the HPIL. Also, by knowing the protocol, designing a custom controler may be a feasable chalange.

Thank you for any information.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil


At least a few years ago you could still order them (along with the piece-part HP-IL sockets and plugs) from HP from their Roseville distribution center. I ordered a pile of them (<$2 each) with plans to eventually build an HP-IL something project. I'll try to dig up the part number.



From the "HP 82166C HP-IL Interface Kit Technical Guide":

1810-0651 HP-IL hybrid network (contains caps, resistors, zeners)
0950-0852 HP-IL panel receptacle
9100-4226 HP-IL pulse transformer
1LB3-0003 HP-IL integrated circuit
1820-2810 Microprocessor (use this and you get an 82166A in function)
0160-4800 120pf 5% cap for HPIL chip oscillator tank
9100-1631 56 microhenry 5% inductor "
0410-1305 4 MHz crystal for microprocessor

Hallo HP-IL fans,

HP-IL impuls transformators are also available today from the German repair center of Agilent in Böblingen. But prices for one pice is placed in the high range of 40$.

Find a buggy IL device from ebay, an old IL-printer of IL-cass drive. All this units includes the IL-Transformer and some more parts like the IL-Terminal you will need.

Fastest solution for starting any HP-IL hardware application is using the HP82166 IL-Converter. Also by using this you have much to do wiring the 34 bus lines to your own logic design or to a micro processor. Much easier is using the powerfully hardware design plattform of I/O-Board or IL2000 System, depending on your application.

The HP41 Development module includes a special monitor mode, for scanning the transfered loop data. May be this is a helpfully tool for creating a own HP-IL hardware design.

Some more design informations contains the book from Kane/Harper/Ushijima " The HP-IL System"

But for standart HP41 users who want a practical solution I recommend my two own books I/O-Board manual and IL2000 system ;-)

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph


...and I was not successsful: "User Unknownm". If it is SPAM protected, can you contact me?

Thank you, "Mantra" (?).

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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