HP-97 Adapter


I have bought an HP-97. It comes with US adapter 82059D input 90-120VAC, output 8VAC. The problem is that here, in Spain, we work with 220VAC. The best option I have found is a 220-125 transformer to be placed first. I have measured the output of this transformer and got 127 VAC. Once I added the HP adapter (with 127 V input now) I measured 13V output instead of 8V.

Has anybody measured this value?. I don´t know if it could damage the calculator.


J. Ibarra wrote:
> Once I added the HP adapter (with 127 V input now) I measured 13V output instead of 8V.

Sounds about right, the 82059D contains just a transformer inside, its not a regulated power supply. To really meassure the output voltage you have to add a load.



The 82059D output without a load connected is usually 12-14V. You should be just fine.


Than you:

Then I think I can use it.

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