697 HP Printer


Have 697 HP printer that has used 1.5 mil of the 3 mil that oringinal paper said printer could print.

Lately, the printer has started to show lines throught a small percent of what is printed when the print action is initiated. There is no standard to the problem as the lines...similar to the "strikeout" feature...are random.

I don't have "strickout" activated so I can't figure out why the lines have suddenly appeard. I cleaned the cartridges and the other pads in the printer. but lines still appear.

Hope someone can offer help.

Thanks for taking the time.

This may be a duplicate post as I messed up when previewing the first post.trying to get back to send I made the original post disappear. Apologize for duplication


I do have one suggestion:

Forget about the printer. Spend some time using a classic RPN calculator, such as an HP-25. If you need print, try and HP-97.

You'll forget all about the other printer problems.


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