Chaos with the Hp 49g


Since buys it alone has brought me problems, the help and user's guides are very reduced. I have the connection kit with their cable and the program hpcomm, install this program (I possess a computer with win 98) and since it installs it I have not been able to connect the it calculates, already configure the calculator and all the necessary one, but anything alone I have been able to connect the calculating hp 48g, try to install to the hp 49g the operating system one 1.16 with the program fdp and anything (I already take almost 3 months in that), whenever I crawl and I loose the file of the bring up to date of the operating system one for the hp 49g (v. 1.16) in the program fdp, appears me the following error, "can not input file", I have proven the programs before mentioned in 7 computers and it is always the same thing, I proved the program fdp in a computer 486, with win 95 and there is if I could transfer him the operating system one, but then attempts it in my house when installing him the system win 95 to my computer, no longer appears me the error "can not input file" but same in the calculator the same error appears, that is not the route, I continue without being able to use my calculator . thank you




The problem is the following one, when I am transferring him the operating system one to my calculating hp 49g using the program fdp following the instructions of this program that they are: Simply put all files in one directory and drag and drop the operating system update file onto the fdp.exe program. appears me the following error in the calculator: error, PC does not find the file that I should make?


I remembering reading a post on comp.sys.hp48 that basically said there was a design error in the HP-49G serial interface and that it did not implement the required RS-232 voltage ranges. This is one reason why it does not work with some computers (especially Macintoshes).

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Write me and then I will take the time to tell you how to uprgrade the HP 49 G to version 117-8.

I HAD problems in the begginning, but fiured it al our and it is a NO BRAINER to upgrade the HP 49G

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