[OT] Canon f-300p


I know this is of topic, so pleas disregard if your not interested.

I have the oportunity to buy a used Canon f-300p calculator (see: http://pocket.free.fr/html/canon/f-300p_e.html). I have not been able to find any more information on this type of device. Does anyone here have any information to share?



Viktor Toth includes it among Canon machines but doesn't have any info or picture, maybe you can learn something from the info on the other Canons he has listed:


The Canons are about 1/4 of the way down the page.


Yes I saw this, too. The f-300p seem to be quite different from the other Canon calculators listed there, thoug... The screen is much bigger, for one thing... Thanks anyway!


Have you seen this?

It has a little bit of info. Good luck and enjoy!

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